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Groupes et organisations en Bulgarie

Kaleto - Mezdra
event_picFortress KALETO - Mezdra
Association of free reenactors in Bulgaria

Medieval fair in Stanimaxos
Medieval Fair organized in Asenovgrad (Bulgaria) from 2012 onwards. Outdoor museum, living history, lifestyle, techniques, crafts, armor and weapons from the period 1185 to 1420 AD.
The Period of Second Bulgarian Kingdom, The period of the crusades, come and be a part of this magical medieval fair in this old town with rich medieval history.

Événements en Bulgarie

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Attractions/sites en Bulgarie

Assen`s Fortress
Asenovgrad, Plovdiv, Bulgarie
Château fort, Église, Musée, Ruine de château fort
Located in Asenovgrad, Bulgaria, assens fortress its build from thrace, ruled from romans(rome), Bulgarians, Crusaders, Ottomans, and then again Bulgarians.
Re-build it from King(tzar) Ivan(Ioan) Asen II
Its left only ruins, one church in the fortress, and citadel.
Manostery of Bachkovo
Bachkovo, Plovdiv, Bulgarie
Église, Tableau, Château
Manostery of Bachkovo is located in Bachkovo, Bulgaria. Build in 1083 AD from Byzantion. in 1402 AD in manostery of Bachkovo dies the last bulgarian patriarch Evtimii. Manostery is destroyed by ottomans and rebuild in three times . The monastery have own museum.
Asenovgrad, Plovdiv, Bulgarie
Bâtiment, Château fort, Église, Musée, Château
Asenovgrad is located the foot of the Rhodope Mountains. Called also a Little Juraselim, because lots of churches, chapels and monasteries. With big antique medieval and renesance history Asenovgrad is rich town of culture destinations. Between Bachkovo Monastery and Plovdiv. Here you can see the Assen´s fortress, lots of medieval and renesance churches chapels and monastery´s. Lots of Thracian sanctuaries,