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Groupes et organisations en Belgique

De Zwaardridders van Sint-Joris
The Zwaardridders are a Belgian Jousting society based in Antwerp.
Ortus Phoenix
reenactment van de 15de eeuw, huurlingenvendel. Wij specialiseren ons op het slagveld in paalwapens en daarbuiten zijn we vooral geïnteresseerd in de heerlijkheden van de Bourgondische middeleeuwse keuken. Ons kookstel is dus ook de verzamelplaats bij uitstek in ons kamp. Er valt steeds wel iéts te happen ;)
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Ordre Du Loup Noir
event_picGroupe ayant pour but l'organisation d'évènements médiévaux historiques et fantastiques

Événements en Belgique

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Attractions/sites en Belgique

Bruges, West-Vlaanderen, Belgique
about historium
Experience the Magic of the Middle Ages
Travel back in time to the golden age of Bruges

Historium is an all-encompassing attraction where sets, film, music and special effects merge into a 35 minutes magical experience. Throughout the 7 thematic rooms, your senses will be stimulated. Let yourself be carried away by an exciting love story. What was it like to live during the Middle Ages? In Bruges around the fifteenth century?

These were the golden ages. The city was big and powerful. The centre of the world, pivoting around the busy harbour. With Jan Van Eyck who was already the most famous painter in Europe. Historium brings you all the way back to Bruges in 1435. You can experience these golden ages as if you were there. It´s more than just seeing and hearing. You´ll step into the past where you will smell and feel the past. A sensory and exciting experience with the theme of a compelling love story. Start your visit to Bruges here. Historium is your rendezvous with history.